What is Net Metering in Florida


Understanding Net Metering in Florida

One of the biggest complaints about solar energy production is that it requires the sun to work. This isn't really a problem. Florida allows a system called net metering. This means that your home will remain connected to the utility system and can draw power just like it did before you installed a solar energy system. 

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What is this Net Metering Thing All About?


As long as your home is producing solar power that meets the demand your home is generating you will draw zero (0) KilloWatts (kW) from the utility grid. At night your home's power needs drop dramatically but you will need to pull power from the utility grid.

The Solar Elite rarely recommends the installation of a solar energy storage system because Florida is a net metering state. The cost of an energy storage system will dramatically increase the time it takes for your solar system to pay for itself. We understand there are specific times it makes sense and when those situations produce themselves we are more than capable of implementing one for you.

Selling and Buying at the Same Rate

Under Florida regulations, your utility provider must purchase energy your solar system creates in excess of your consumption at the current market rate that you purchase energy from them at.

When you are away from home your energy consumption drops and your production increases.

During the Day = Energy Flows to the Grid

During the Night = Energy Flow from the Grid

Your Solar Elite Estimator will work hard to help you size a system the right size for your energy needs. BEWARE: Less Reputable Companies will Attempt to Sell You a System Larger than You Need but this WILL NOT Save You More Money! Let The Solar Elite Compare and Evaluate Any Quote From Any Company and Discover What Honesty Gets You

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