The Truth About Energy Storage & Batteries in Florida

We're About to Blow Your Mind - With the Truth


Do You Need Solar Energy Storage in Florida?

If you listen to most Solar Companies the answer is a resounding "Yes, you most certainly do need an expensive energy storage solution!" but the truth couldn't be further from that. We're going to examine why our honest approach to home solar means that we won't sell you a solar battery, Tesla powerwall, Generac home storage solution or other energy solution unless you really have an honest clear case for needing one.

Florida is a Net Metering State

This means that your home most remain connected to the grid per Florida law. You can be legally be completely energy independent in the state of Florida. When you need more energy than your Solar PV System can produce you will pull energy from the grid. When you produce more energy than you need you feed that energy back into the grid and sell it at the current market rate to Florida Power and Light (or your Energy provider).

But... they say I need this

Battery storage is a great solution where excess energy is stored in your battery bank for later usage. This is a great solution when you can completely disconnect from the grid entirely. You can not do that in Florida. So what you have is a very expensive battery that will see little to no use in everyday life. They are only useful when the grid is down but we're about to drop the REAL TRUTH.

They Don't Store That Much Energy

Most affordable home battery systems store only enough energy to keep the fridge and the freezer and a few lights running for a day or so. After that, you are completely reliant on your solar system when the grid is down. Less truthful and honest solar companies will give you the impression you can run your HVAC, Fridge, Freezer, Lights, etc off a solar battery. That is a lie. 

But Florida has Hurricanes

True! But it has been many years since Florida experienced a truly devastating storm. When we do have a storm, a battery storage system will only power your home for a day or two at best. Then you are in the same situation you'd be in if you had no energy storage at all. Read on for our expert advice.

But Why Would They Lie?

Solar batteries are a great way to pad the bill on your solar project. You spend a lot of money for minimal utility of the system. You're buying a false sense of security that won't really serve you the way you think it will.

So what does The Solar Elite Recommend?

For 98% of our clients, we recommend a portable generator that connects to your system via a plug. It still will not power your entire home but it will run your essential household systems like your Fridge, Freezer, and Lights when the grid is down. You'll spend thousands less and have a reliable solution when the grid goes down. Your Solar System will reduce the load on your generator during the day and power your home at night. This is honest money-saving advice. At the solar elite we're interested in what is best for our clients - not what makes the most money.