The Real Cost of Solar Panels in Florida in 2021

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The Price of Solar in the Sunshine State

In 2020 the average cost for a 5 Kilowatt (kW) Residential Solar Setup in Floriday was $11,3-5 to $15,295 for a Tier 1 class system using North American-made components.  When you combine the Federal Tax credit, low-cost financing, and other incentives the price drops significantly. 

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What Determines the Price of a Florida Solar System?

Size of the Solar Panel System

A Solar Elite Estimator will take measurements of your home and analyze your needs and energy production potential based on an analysis of your energy usage over time. Your Solar Elite Estimator will then determine the size of the system you need and your energy production capacity with a goal of generating all or most of your day-time energy consumption. It is possible that you could produce more energy than you consume! Thanks to Florida's Net Metering system you would then sell excess energy back to the grid your utility and could possibly zero out your power bill most months.

The Quality of Your Selected Equipment

At the Solar Elite we only sell Tier 1 premium quality Solar Panels, Inverters, and Mounting hardware. Beware. Many companies are less focused on the long-term viability and the energy efficiency of your system and more focused on making a quick dollar. So What is Involved?

The Solar Panel Choice

We offer streamlined panels that have a black coating or appearance from leading manufacturers with outstanding warranties and reputations. Beware of cheap panels sourced from Asia that do not meet quality standards, have a high failure rate, and a lower efficiency rating.

Racking or Mounting

This might be surprising but not installed directly on the roof. A racking system is installed on your roof and then the panels are attached to this rack. This allows your panels to be aligned in a way that provides maximum production of solar energy. Your choice of racking system also effects how many attachment points are made to your roof. Remember that each attachment is a potential intrusion point for water. The Soalr Elite uses the best racking systems on the market. When needed we also use ground mounting systems.

Inverter Brand, Input/Output, and Quality

Solar panels produce Direct Current. Your home runs on Alternating Current. An inverter is an electronic device that changes DC into AC. All inverters are not created equal. Inexpensive Asian Inverters can cause an increased failure rate and have poor warranties. The Solar Elite only uses premium inverters with low failure rates and great ratings to ensure years of worry-free service to your home.

Energy Storage Systems (Solar Batteries)

Although the Tesla Powerall and other Home Energy Storage solutions are extremely popular in the media, they are not a good investment in a market like Florida that offers Net Metering. You can not power your home for more than a few hours using batteries. For those worried about storms, we recommend a solution where you can install a portable generator on your home with the Solar System we've already put in place. Our Solar Elite Estimators will give you unbiased expert advice. Beware of any company that insists you must have a power storage system or a solar battery. They do not have your best interest and finances at heart. 


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