Solar is Amazing – Scam Artists Aren’t

Honest Advice to Save You Money

As Solar PV Systems grow in popularity for both homes and businesses so have the number of people trying to scam hard-working Florida citizens who are trying to save money and help the environment.

Many companies have started selling solar but they rely on subversive and dishonest tactics. People have created advanced fancy websites and high-pressure presentations to pretend like they are both experienced and sell a quality product. They often have very little or no expertise. They will underquote, misquote, or fail to take into account all the factors they should for your particular situation.

Beware a Large Deposit

Many consumers in Florida have recently reported placing large deposits for solar jobs and never getting their solar system installed. They lose the deposit and someone walks away with the money.

Solar Licensing in Florida

The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board has established regulations for solar contractors. Anyone who installs alters, repairs, maintains, relocates or replaces any type of Solar PV System must meet these requirements.

Tips to Save Your Solar Project

  1. Never give a deposit over $1,000 In the state of Florida a contractor may not request a deposit of more than 10% of the project cost.
  2. Read Every Word of Your Contract You should understand and carefully read every line of your contract. It should be fair and even without any strange or irregular provisions. Remember that you can alter the terms of the contract prior to signing. If the contractor refuses to negotiate any clause of the contract you should reconsider the idea of working with the contractor.
  3. Never Pay the Full Amount Before the Work is Done This should go without saying - but we're trying to be very thorough.
  4. Look for the License Number - it should be printed on the contract and provided without hesitation. The license number may not match the company you are working with - some companies hire out their jobs. That is ok - as long as the company performing the work is licensed in the state of Florida.


Reputable solar companies should be competitively priced. That means that the job bid should not be too high or too low. Either is a warning sign. If something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't.

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