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A Residential Solar PV System brings both financial and environmental benefits to everyone. Florida Power & Light Increases Your Bill Every Year. A Residential Solar System helps you fight ever-increasing power bills by offsetting most if not all of your power costs. When is the last time you had a $9.80 power bill from FPL?

Read on to learn all the ways a Solar Panel System can benefit your family today. 


Reduce Your Electric Bill

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Florida is a Net Metering state. That means that when your new solar system produces more energy than your home needs the excess energy gets fed back to the FPL grid. FPL has to buy the energy from you at the current market rate. This means that your power bill goes down. When you have to draw energy from the grid it is offset by the times you have fed power back to the grid. This can help you save thousands a year on your power bill. 

Own Your Power

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The power from our Sun is limitless. When you generate power from the Sun using your Solar PV System - creating usable power from an inexhaustible resource - you have power you own as long as the sun is shining. You may rarely need to buy power from FPL and in reality, you'll sell excess power back to them. Your Solar Panels work for you by creating clean energy and protect you from surprise rate increases.

More Value in Your Home

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We work hard to make sure your Solar installation is attractive and makes your home have a higher curb appeal. Our black solar panels (higher efficiency and quality) are designed to handle everything from storms, hail, and even high winds. The panels look great and recent research shows that it increases your home value by a considerable amount.

How Solar Panels Work

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How Residential Solar Works for Your Home

Creating Energy from the Most Abundant Source in Our Solar System

Our Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. All life on Earth is fed by our sun. We've known how to make solar panels that harvest the sun's energy for many years but only recently have advances in technology made the efficiency of solar panels a viable source of energy for everyone. The Solar Elite only installs the most efficient North American made panels. Beware blue panels. They use outdated technology and are far less efficient. 

Solar panels turn the photons from our Sun into usable DC energy. A high-quality North American design and manufactured Inverter changes the DC energy into our standard AC electrical used in our homes.

When you do not produce enough energy to power your home the control system for your solar installation pulls power from the standard electrical grid. When you are generating more power than you need the excess energy is fed back into the grid and purchased by your utility at the current market rate.

How Many Solar Panels Does My Home Need

Determing Your Panel Needs Requires Expertise

A lot of people ask how many solar panels they need. Many factors go into this calculation. 

The first thing we do is analyze your current utility bill. This gives us a good idea about your average energy usage. Power bills in Florida remain fairly consistent month-to-month thanks to our climate and weather patterns.  We then examine the amount of sunlight your roof gets and the available square footage you have for a panel installation.

This tells us how many panels you need to save money and reduce or even eliminate your FPL bill. 


You can trust that The Solar Elite will always consider every variable in your project to ensure you get the best solution possible.

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Modern For a Modern Home

We've all seen the old green-ish blue solar panels from the previous century. Those days are long gone. Our monocrystalline solar panels are far superior, thinner, and all-black. They practically fade from view on residential installations. Solar panels work on any style of home because modern panels are ultra-low profile.  Our premium panels have all black wiring, framing, and backing. Cheaper panels will often be blue with a white frame. Hint: these cheaper panels also produce less energy.

Panels that are

People often wonder if solar panels can handle the storms, high winds, and salt air common in Florida. They sure can. Our North American manufactured panels are built with all types of weather in mind.

Tier 1 monocrystalline panels are not only more aesthetic but are impact resistant. Don't worry about your panels shattering in a hail storm. They are designed to withstand high winds. Our installation methods ensure that they are securely fastened to your roof.

Don't assume your panel is fragile because it looks like it is made from glass. During the 2012 Hurricane sandy and the 2017 Hurricane Maria some of the only people who still had power were those with solar installations and the vast majority were still operating at 100% of their intended output.

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Tier 1 Premium Manufacturers design their panels to withstand a 1" piece of hail traveling at 50 mph. 

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The Most Advanced Technology

Not all solar companies are created equal. The Solar Elite uses the most advanced technology available. We only use Monocrystalline solar cells. Although they are similar to the older polycrystalline technology in that they capture solar energy and convert it to useable power, they differ in performance.

Monocrystalline cells provide better aesthetics and more efficient energy production. They are made of single-crystal technology that is far superior in energy conversion. The Solar Elite wants you to have the most efficient system possible. More efficiency means fewer panels and a better aesthetic.

Your Inverter Matters

Solar Panels generate DC current. Your home works on AC power. A device is connected to your Solar Panel System that converts DC into AC so you can power your home. This is the same technology you find in a recreational vehicle that allows normal household appliances to run on battery power.

When you are generating solar power your home will use that power first and send any excess power back to the grid in a process called net metering.

We use the best-in-market inverter systems for all our installations. You get a great app that can tell you everything you need to know about your system and your power generation.

When you are not generating solar power the inverter also handles pulling power from the grid. In the event of a complete loss of power from the grid you can also connect a generator that will power a portion of your home.

Look out for inferior inverters. Your inverter serves as the brain of your solar PV system. When your inverter is offline, your solar system is offline.

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