Go Solar – Go Forward

Solar Energy is the Future of Residential Energy (And Saving Money)

Solar energy is a great way to take care of the environment, save money on your electricity bill, and make your home more secure. Check out these awesome reasons to switch to solar energy for your home in Southern Florida!

There are more incentives than ever before to go solar. Solar energy is cheaper and more accessible than ever before thanks to rebates, tax credits, and generous loan terms that can get you started quickly and affordably.  Now there are programs in place to help with installation costs so that you’ll be able to install solar panels with no money down.

Why solar is the way to go
Did you know?

Making Green Tech Jobs
Solar-powered electricity generation employs more people than any other form of electricity generation? That’s right. More people work in SOLAR than nuclear power plants, coal plants, and gas plants combined. There are many different reasons to invest in solar panels. The most important reason is that with our reliance on fossil fuels, we run out quicker than expected and introduce harmful chemicals into our atmosphere which causes pollution among other things.

It’s not just about environmental consequences either because global warming has become such an issue. With all these risks happening worldwide it seems logical that we take action while we still can – starting with solar panels! If you’re considering switching to solar energy, now is an excellent time. From very short-term savings on your electric bill to long-term savings on your carbon footprint, there are plenty of benefits for going solar.

Less Expensive

Solar is less expensive than ever before There’s never been more incentive to go solar as now costs have dropped significantly in recent years. Depending on how much power you need and where you live, investing in solar will cost thousands less than it would’ve just two or three years ago.

What is solar energy and how does it work?

Solar energy is one of several renewable sources of energy. It is created by using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity and this electricity is then stored in batteries for use at night or when there is no sunlight available or sent back to the grid. The first solar panel was made in 1883 by Charles Fritts and it consisted of different layers of selenium and tellurium that were covered with thin slices of gold. Photovoltaic cells have been around for decades, but they really took off in popularity when inventors lowered costs and improved efficiency.

Solar power for your home

Installing solar panels in your home is an investment, and you want to make sure that it’s worthwhile.

ENERGY SAVINGS – Protect Yourself From Ever-Increasing Electricity Rates

You get instant energy savings – Installing solar panels will start saving you money almost immediately. Studies show that for every kilowatt-hour of electricity they generate, it costs about 25 cents off your monthly bill.  You’re going green – Installing solar will help cut down on pollution and our reliance on non-renewable energy sources while providing clean energy for ourselves and future generations.

The benefits of a home solar system

A home solar system means you can lower your electric bill and still have plenty of power for your household. You’re not going to need to run around and make sure you turn off all your lights before leaving home anymore. Installing solar also reduces pollution which can help with climate change. It takes some upfront costs to install, but those will be more than made up for in years from now because you won’t have to pay those sky-high electricity bills anymore.

Net metering
This electricity offsets your usage and lowers your bills while still powering up our grid with clean renewable energy. Your meter can run in Reverse!