Free Solar Panels in Florida – The Truth Revealed

We've all seen the ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.



As soon as you start looking at Solar for your home or business you will immediately start seeing these ads.


Trust us. There is no such thing as FREE SOLAR no matter what they tell you.

These ads are often run by lead generation companies that are posing as a solar installer. They have one goal in mind - generate leads - which they in turn sell to dozens of their clients. Then they COME FOR YOUR MONEY.

The companies that receive these leads rarely know what was in the ad that generated the lead. All they know is that you are interested in solar.

That means you are ripe for the picking.

There are tons of scams you have to look out for. Click here to read our article on common solar scams.

Nothing in Life is Free

As of 3/31/21 there are no programs to provide free solar in the state of Florida or anywhere else in the United States. Any claim to the contrary is a lie. From a liar. Who wants to rob you of your hard-earned money. Trust us.

He sure seems Friendly!

Solar companies hire good-looking and friendly salespeople. They are often experienced sales people or former college athletes with a $10,000 smile and a lot of promises. They seem so nice! They are so friendly and charming. That doesn't mean they care about you or your investment in a Soalr PV System.

If they try to tell you that your solar system can be free because of grants, rebates, or extreme tax credits that do not actually exist you should politely decline and ask them to leave your property. They won't stop contacting you but at least they aren't lying to your face while showing that winning smile. You deserve better.

FREE Normally Means Lease - Which isn't Available in Florida

A common tactic for the "free solar" offer is to install the panels and then lease them back from the company. This is not available in Florida. Why? When you lease solar panels you could pay a heavy monthly fee for 25 years or more! (This is also known as a solar power purchase agreement or PPA).

You do not get the tax credit. They do.

You do not add value to your home. If you sell your home they will remove the Solar PV System or the new owner will have to assume the lease - often at a new 25 year term which would exceed the life of the system itself.

You Don't Own the Solar Panels

This leasing agreement means that you own nothing. You will still end up paying for the entire cost of the system. You won't really reap any benefits from going solar. At all.

Take Your Time and Talk to Honest Experts

We're here for you with honest opinions and honest advice. We're doing this to make a profit but we're also installing solar to create a cleaner world for the future of our planet. The Solar Elite is here to offer honest expert advice without relying on scam tactics and fake promises.