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The Southeast reached more than 10,000 MW of installed solar capacity by the end of 2019, and SACE now expects that to more than double by 2022. SACE expects nearly 25,000 MW of solar by 2023, and that solar will reach 10% of all installed power capacity in the region and 5% of retail electricity generation.

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Save Money
Great Incentives

Florida has seen a boom in solar panel installations as homeowners began to realize the HUGE SAVINGS are possible by installing residential solar panels. Federal incentives and utility programs combine with the Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program have made going solar more enticing than it has ever been. 

The average cost of solar power in Florida is $2.70 per watt as of January. Florida residents enjoy the lowest cost in the entire United States. This means the average 6kW solar PV system costs $16,200 before incentives!

Available Incentives

The Programs Available in Florida Make Solar Extremely Attractive

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    The Federal Solar Tax Credit

    The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is very strong. If you install your solar panels before the end of 2022 you will get a tax credit for 26% of the cost of your solar system.

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    Net Metering

    Net Metering is a utility rate structure that requires your utility to purchase the excess solar power you produce at the full retail rate of electricity. When your home produces more power than needed you make money by selling your generated power back to FPL.

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    Smart Financing Options

    We offer a variety of financing options to meet our customers' needs. These include:

    We'll work with you to find your best option. 

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We're Dedicated to Your Solar Success. With Years of Experience and Hundreds of Completed Jobs You Know You are Working With a Trusted Solar Company Focused On YOU! We Only Install and Service Premium Solar Components Made in North America. 


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Our Dedicated Permitting Team Will Get Your Project Done Faster than Any of our Competitors. 


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You'll Have a Dedicated Job Manager Who Has a Manageable Number of Projects. This Means You Get Personal Attention and a Person Dedicated to Your Success. 

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Dozens of Technology Partners

We Have Parternships with Dozens of Solar Companies at Various Price Levels to Meet Your Needs and Economics. We Choose What is Best For You - Not What is Best for Us. 


The Best Warranty in the Industry

We Offer a 25 Year Warranty on All Installations. Our Dedicated Support Staff are Here for You. 

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